Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Yesterday was my first day of the new school year! It was nice seeing the people for last year and checking out my new classes. On the other hand, it was stressful and depressing. I mean, another YEAR of school. Why cant summer just last forever?! :'(

I've started a new "thing" at my school called "Cosplay Tuesday." It's where I dress up in costume to school every Tuesday. As of now, I'm the only one who does this, but I hope for more people to join me! Join in my nerdom!

Back to educational stuff, I'm taking several art classes which I'm very excited for. Art is my life, my passion, it's what drives me. *starts motivational speech*

Not that people actually read this... but, what is your passion? Your inspiration?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Who here believes in the art of "Cosplay"?
~for those who don't know, cosplay, or cosplaying, is the art of dressing up in a costume to look like a specific character; esp. anime related.

I've been doing a lot of cosplaying and roleplaying (larping) lately, and there seems to be many people who enjoy it, and then several who despise it, saying how much of a freak I am.

So I am curious as to the percent ratio between the people who hate it, to the people who like it. Feel free to state your opinion in the comments below.

On other news, my top favourite cosplay right now are:
Near(Death Note), L(Death Note), Hatsuharu(Fruits Basket), Hikaru(Ouran High Host Club), and Kaito(Vocaloid). ~<3

Speaking of Kaito, my drawing for today!