Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Imagination

I love using my imagination. I picture something in my head before i draw or write. I see it happening right in front of me. I love leting my imagination go wild! Thinking up crazy masterpieces! I love giving ideas for things. I come up with the most insane and wonderful ideas, and i think, "i wanna write a book about that." so i start writing the book. Only problem....i havent finished writing a single book ive writen. "No One Finds Love" is different though. I AM GOING TO FINISH IT!!! i shall!

With my ideas for drawings or painting, i draw them almost right away! i love drawing because it is a way to let my imagination free. it releases me from preasure and lets my "Crazy" out!

Drawing of the day:


  1. I feel you could do a book just on your drawings alone.

  2. Wow! I love how you have a drawing for each of your blogposts!

  3. finishing is the toughest part of writing for me. there's loads of times when I feel like giving up, or the initial buzz wains. but it's also the most rewarding part.

    now following you,
    Moody Writing

  4. I have read that you should always have a picture of your character to describe features as you write but this type of picture could go way beyond that

  5. I have several unfinished books. I always get distracted before I finish.

    Your drawings are great (much better than my stick people!)

    Glad I found you on A-Z!