Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jacob

i know my theme is "more about me" but i had no idea what to do for "J" so i just did brother. his name starts with "J".

Jacob is my brother and i love him! (yes. i get along with my siblings!) he is my younger brother and he loves to build and create things. he builds things with legos and bionicles. and he is very kind and loving, -when he wants to-

i like to have fun with names and discribe a person. so here i go:
J is for Jumpy
A is for Amazing
C is for Creative
O is for Obsessive Heart
B is for Building

Drawing of the Day:
do you know who this is?


  1. Great poem. I did an acrostic poem for my 'A' post.

    All the best,

  2. Sweet post. And you're a really good artist. :)

  3. It's lovely that you get on with your brother - my little sister is my best friend. Great post!

  4. Your chibi Miku is adorable! Nicely done.

    Swinging through from the A to Z page. Good luck on the rest of the challenge!